Share the road with other motorists.


Although winter is here, there are still some brave motorists who take out their beloved bike for a ride. While we may see motorcyclists on the road, are we paying attention to them? Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than car and truck drivers. Even a low-speed collision can seriously injure a rider, not to mention total the bike. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a few essentials for car drivers to know about motorcycles.


Take care on those left turns. One of the most common motorcycle accidents involves a car making a left turn directly in front of a bike at an intersection. Give yourself an extra moment to look specifically for motorcycles coming toward you when turning into traffic.


Double-check your blind spot. A quick check of the blind spot is often enough for drivers to then turn or merge. While a large red car may be spotted quickly, a significantly smaller bike may not be. A bike can be easily obscured in the blind spot, so make a habit of checking carefully before changing lanes.


Spot objects in the mirror. The object in your mirror may be closer than they appear. Motorcycles are smaller than vehicles, making them harder to determine how close a bike is and how fast it’s moving. When turning into traffic, always estimate a bike to be closer than it appears.


Get into the habit of keeping motorcycles in mind when turning, merging, stopping, and parking. Do you have questions regarding your auto insurance or motorcycle insurance? Let the team at Tompkins Insurance Agencies help you find reliable coverage. Contact us today to get started.