Auto Insurance

A traffic accident always feels scary at first.

Even a minor fender-bender is enough to get your heart racing, and a more serious accident can feel downright devastating. That’s why it’s important to have a partner on your side in this situation.

At Tompkins Insurance Agencies, our goal is to provide you with the auto insurance you need to feel – and actually be – protected after an accident. We can help you get a policy that will cover medical bills to repair costs to legal fees. We will also ensure you’re protected against theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

We won’t stop there. If you get into an accident with a driver who’s uninsured, or who just doesn’t have enough coverage for your expenses, the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage we can provide. If you have a classic or collector car, we will work with our connections to ensure you have a policy tailored to your high-value vehicle.

Protect yourself and your vehicle on and off the road. Contact Tompkins Insurance Agencies today!

“I called on a Sunday,
got a return call first thing Monday morning. Our agent helped greatly and our adjuster was fantastic – really knew her stuff.”

 – Terry D.