Things that can invalidate a home insurance policy.  

Your homeowners insurance is designed to be there for you when a disaster occurs. Most of the time, it is. But there are times when knowingly, or unknowingly, you could jeopardize the validity of your insurance policy and your insurer may not pay out in the event of a claim. Check out these common situations that could void home insurance policy.

  • Leave your house vacant for more than 30 days

If you’re going away on vacation or for business that requires an extended absence from your home, then you’re going to want to let your insurer know. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your property while you’re away so that they can help mitigate any potential problems. Home fires, burst water pipes, and vandalism are all possible while the home is vacant – and they can have devastating effects. Generally, your home insurance covers your property while it is vacant for 30 days. If you leave home for longer, give your insurer a call to let them know and adjust coverage.

  • Making major renovations

Whether you’re renovating the kitchen or upgrading the bathroom, it’s worth letting your insurer know that you’re making changes, especially if you are increasing the value of your home’s replacement cost. Your insurance is designed to protect your home to the current state it is in, so if you upgrade it, your insurance will need to change. If you are hiring contractors to do your renovations, make sure they have their own liability insurance as well.

  • Working from home

Depending on the kind of business you have, you may want to add home-based business insurance to your home insurance policy in order to make sure you’re protected. This will cover your office equipment and inventory, which your homeowners insurance may refuse to cover if damaged items are owned by your business. It also provides additional liability insurance for clients, employees, and delivery personnel.

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