At Tompkins, we know that your living situation is as unique as you.

We will tailor your coverage to not just protect your house – but also the property you store in it. We believe that you should never struggle to get back to normal after a disaster at home, so we ensure your coverage will protect you after a fire, lightning damage, theft, a lawsuit and more. If you live in an area with a risk for flooding, we can add an additional layer of protection for you.

Your home makes up a significant part of your financial portfolio, and it deserves to be protected. With our homeowners insurance policies, we’re able to give you, your home, your personal property and your liability the right coverage options.

If you’re renting, you still need protection. Don’t leave your personal property and your liability exposed. Contact Tompkins Insurance Agencies to make sure that you have the policy you need. Our expert staff is here for all of your homeowners and renters insurance needs.

“This is our first claim on a policy in 38 years,
and our advisor’s excellent responsiveness, as always, is why I continue to do all my business with Tompkins Insurance.”

 – David Schwartz