Steps to prevent home incidents.

Your home is your sanctuary to return to after a long day, and it’s a place where you make memories and grow. Unfortunately, many homeowners leave their properties vulnerable to incidents and accidents. There are a number of safety and security risks that homeowners and renters can take steps to mitigate. Take a look at common security threats and some recommended solutions to keep your beloved property safe.


Home fires are so alarming because they start quickly and quietly. All it takes is a few seconds before flames engulf the whole house. Although cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fires, homeowners should consider the safety of smoking, candles, and electronics. It’s wise to take extra care when in the kitchen cooking, never leave candles unattended, refrain from smoking indoors, and checking the safety of electrical equipment regularly.


Across the nation, a home is burglarized every 20 seconds, coming at great cost to the homeowners and insurers. One of the best ways to protect y our property is to install a security system. Although this may seem like a hefty investment, your insurance carrier may offer you a discount on your policy once your alarm system is up and running. Basic burglar proofing will also deter criminals, such as fitting deadbolts, installing motion-sensor exterior lights, and trimming landscaping around doors and windows so potential intruders can’t hide.

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