The most common claims made around the holidays.


Festive food, wintery weather, family gatherings, and sparkling decorations – they come with the season! Although the holidays are a time for fun, love, and laughter, for homeowners, the festive season also brings a higher element of risk. Our homes are full of expensive presents, decorations, and excited loved ones. Take a look at some of the most common home insurance claims and how to protect your property and family.


Loss of presents

Typically, your home will have presents hidden away, ready for the big day. They may be expensive items that you wouldn’t usually have during the rest of the year. Thieves know this, and can easily be tempted if they see an abundance of gifts under the tree. To deter thieves, make sure your gifts cannot be seen from the street and get parcels delivered to work to ensure presents are not left on the doorstep.


Cooking accidents

It’s safe to say that many households will be cooking more than usual during the holidays. Not just frequently, but the amount of food. If you’re hosting a gathering, it’s easy to get distracted and get timings wrong. A kitchen can be full of hazards during this time, from hot pans, lots of footfall, and neglected vegetables in the oven. Be sure to be cautious when cooking, keep kids out of the kitchen, and to never leave the home when the oven is on.


Forgotten candles

Part of turning your home into a grotto is making it smell like cinnamon, orange, and frosted pine trees. Scented candles are great for creating an atmosphere, too. Make sure that no candles are left unattended and that kids and pets stay away from open flames. It’s so easy for a candle to start a smaller fire that can escalate out of control.


Look after yourself and your home, and hopefully your festive season will bring nothing but peace and happiness. Visit Tompkins Insurance Agencies for help securing home insurance that suits your needs and budget that will you see throughout the holiday season and beyond!