Buying a home is the single most expensive investment of your life. As a new homeowner, you want to take adequate care of your new property and protect your investment. If you’ve recently moved in, take a look at these tasks all new homeowners should do. Your “future you” will thank you!


Change the locks

Moving in 101. Always change the locks, whether or not you get all the keys to the property from the seller. You never know who had spares. It’s a simple solution to make sure your new home is secure.


Refresh all alarm batteries

Don’t count on the seller to have left new batteries in the fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Test all alarms, ensuring they are in good working condition. There should be at least one alarm on each floor of the household.


Add insulation

Hopefully, you did your due diligence and had a professional home inspection before making your purchase. If the inspection revealed poor attic insulation, you should get that topped up right away. If you don’t you will face higher energy costs, uncomfortable temperatures in your home, and the potential for mold growth.


Create a maintenance checklist

Make a list of all maintenance items that should be done monthly, quarterly, and annually. Make it a habit to go through the list to keep an eye on potential issues that need immediate attention. A bit of TLC throughout the year can help you save money on expensive repairs.


While you’re at it, ensure you have the right home insurance for your needs. For help securing homeowners insurance for your property, visit the team at Tompkins Insurance Agencies.