During the pandemic lockdown, you may have had the time to consider your insurance needs. You may have reviewed your coverages and even read up about the different policies that you do not have. You might be asking yourself whether you should get life insurance – and if you can during the time of COVID-19. Here is what you should know.


Your existing life insurance covers coronavirus.

Whether you are interested in getting a new life insurance policy or you already have coverage, you can be sure of one thing: if you die from the coronavirus, the benefits for your policy will still be valid. On most insurance policies, the coronavirus is covered, and the policy would pay out.


You can still get life insurance.

Life insurance carriers typically ask if you have traveled in the past few years and if you plan to travel shortly after your policy begins. They want to be aware of any destinations that you have visited or plan to visit and if there is an outbreak of illness there. If that is the case, they may delay finalizing your policy to ensure you do not contract the illness.


If the policy you select requires a medical exam, a medical professional may be able to visit you at home to perform the basic health check. During this time, you may or may not be tested for coronavirus, and the examiner will be on the lookout for coronavirus symptoms.


Life insurance can be complex and difficult to understand at first. If you have any questions about coverageand how it can help you, contact the team at Tompkins Insurance Agencies for help finding the right solution for your family.