Life, Long-Term Care & Disability

It’s your life and you’ve worked hard to build it. Now, protect it with the help of Tompkins Insurance.

Life Insurance

While everyone knows why life insurance is important, many ignore the reality of what would happen if they were to die suddenly without the proper protection. According to statistics, about 43% of the population doesn’t own a life insurance policy in any amount. However, nearly 1/3 of Americans would feel the financial loss of a primary earner within the month.

If you were to die without life insurance in place, the results would be devastating for your surviving family members. Not only would you be leaving them with a large bill for your final expenses, but they may even face the loss of the family home because they can no longer keep up with mortgage payments. To ensure this bleak scenario does not become a reality for your loved ones, it’s vital to secure life insurance to replace your income, pay your debts, and protect your assets.

From determining your coverage needs to explaining your coverage costs to helping you choose between a term or permanent policy, Tompkins Insurance can assist you with all your life insurance needs. Even if you already have coverage in place, we can guide you through the process of updating and renewing your policy. From start to finish, we are ready to assist you.

Long-Term Care Insurance

By the time you reach age 65, chances are about 50-50 that you’ll require paid long-term care (LTC). If you pay for this care out-of-pocket, then it will cost you $140,000 on average. However, if you are like most other Americans, then you probably haven’t planned for this financial risk. Currently, only 7.2 million or so Americans have secured LTC insurance. LTC insurance is designed to cover the costs associated with nursing homes, assisted living, or in-home care—expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare. If you do not have LTC coverage in place, then you could be leaving yourself, your loved ones, and their assets at risk.

Looking to secure the right LTC insurance? We can get you started by answering any questions you may have and walking you through your coverage options.

Disability Insurance

Research indicates that one-third of employed Americans will become disabled for at least 90 days at some point in their careers. Despite this, many do not have financial protection in the event that a short- or long-term disability prevents them from working. This is where disability insurance comes in. This type of coverage is specifically designed to make up for the income you lose while you are unable to work.

Ready to secure the right disability insurance? We can help you understand how this coverage works, how long it lasts, what is covered, and how to increase your coverage.

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