When you are looking for your first car insurance policy, it can certainly seem overwhelming. There are so many policies and insurers out there – how can you possible choose? Because first-time drivers have much higher risk rates, their premiums (the monthly or annual cost of insurance) is often high. To help you save money, it’s wise to pick the right insurer and coverage.


Rely on an independent agency to compare insurance rates for you

The benefit of an agency is that we have relationships with 50+ insurance carriers, so we can provide pricing and coverage options that match your particular needs. Don’t just look at the bottom line price, either. Instead, consider the levels of coverage offered, the deductible, and the advantage of having an agency like Tompkins Insurance handle the claims process for you in the event of an accident.


Get the right amount of coverage

It makes good sense to have as much insurance as is necessary for your specific situation. Don’t just settle for the state minimum requirements as these are often too low and can risk your finances in the future. Work with our trusted advisorsto find the right level of coverage.


Be a safe driver

Although you may have high rates to begin, as you gain more experience on the roads, you will inevitably become a more diligent and knowledgeable driver. Safe drivers who are not involved in any traffic accidents get to enjoy lower premiums than those who have filed claims before. Be a cautious driver and drive defensively to help you save money.


Do you have more questions regarding your auto insurance? Let the team at Tompkins Insurance Agencies help you find reliable coverage. Contact us today to get started.