Even though the holiday season is meant to be a time for happiness, unavoidable inevitable mishaps can disrupt your holiday cheer. However, you can reduce the odds of such disasters and lower your home insurance rates if you spend some amount on securing your home and belongings.

5 Common Christmas Mishaps Covered by Home Insurance

Nobody wants to come home and find someone has ripped off all their gifts under the Christmas tree. Of course, bad luck can happen any time of the year, but here are specific misfortunes that commonly occur around the Holiday season:

  1. Stolen gifts – It’s hard to believe some cold-blooded criminals want to spoil other people’s fun during the holidays. One compelling Christmas home burglary stat stands out: homes without security systems risk a 300 percent higher chance of burglary. While your home insurance policy might cover such stolen gifts, investing in an effective alarm system and surveillance cameras can lower your insurance rates.
  2. Christmas tree fire – One of the dangers of hanging old Christmas tree lights on a real tree is that old wiring poses potential fire risks. People who are still using lights from 40 years ago need to be particularly mindful that no bare wire is exposed. Sparks can fly from worn wire, which is how some fires start. Homeowner’s policies typically cover fire if it’s accidental.
  3. Falling off your roof – It’s hazardous for anyone to walk around on a top, especially in winter when it’s cold and wet. Some homeowners try to cut corners and hire a neighbor or handyman to help fix a leaky roof. However, if Santa or whoever is uninsured falls, they may try to sue you. Home insurance can help cover such liability claims.
  4. Slips and falls – Wet and slippery surfaces can be the reason a person loses their balance and falls on a walkway. Falling on a hard surface can cause serious injuries. If you decide to invite guests over for a Christmas dinner, make sure you take proactive steps toward a safe environment. Talk with your insurance agent to ensure you have all the coverage you need if someone gets injured at your party.
  5. Vandalism – Not all bad guys are thieves, as some vandals like to break stuff or cause havoc. It’s important to keep valuable vehicles stored in a garage or other safe place. Some vandals target expensive cars to steal the car, steal parts, or create dents. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover such vandalism.

Ensure that you have the proper homeowner’s insurance coverage before inviting guests. Contact us at Tompkins Insurance Agencies for more information on securing the right insurance coverage tailored to suit your budget and needs. Our team wishes you a very “Happy Holidays!”