Why you should consider keeping your college student on your car policy.


Do you have a child in college? Although he or she may not be taking a car to school, there are plenty of reasons why you should keep them on your auto insurance policy. Before you make the call to remove them, first consider the reasons why you would keep your child on your auto policy while they’re at college.


  • They may drive a friend’s car

Even though your kids may not have a car at school, their friends could have taken one with them. Is there a chance that your child would drive their friend’s car? It could be for a quick errand or they could be a designated driver at a college party. Keeping your children active on your policy ensures that they are properly protected in case of an accident.


  • They come home to visit

Most college kids come home at some point during the school year. During this time, they may want to drive to see friends or pop to the mall. This means they are likely to drive one or more of the family cars. Keeping them on your auto policy ensures that they are covered when they come home to visit.


  • It helps them with future insurance applications

Insurers like to see a long-standing auto insurance policy with no claims or accidents. If your child is taken off your policy and then tries to take out their own policy in a few years, they could face higher rates. Having a solid history of insurance helps them to lock in lower rates when it comes to getting their own coverage.


Keeping your college-age children on your policy may not be as expensive as you think. Do you have questions regarding your auto insurance? Let the team at Tompkins Insurance Agencies help you find reliable coverage. Contact us today to get started.