Answers to FAQ about home insurance.

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect your home and belongings from damage and disaster. However, many homeowners are unaware of what home insurance does and doesn’t cover. To help, we’ve rounded up some answers to common questions homeowners ask about coverage.

Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage?

A standard home insurance policy should cover your belongings and property from fire damage, whether or not you are at fault. This means that you can rely on your policy to replace and repair your property if there’s a kitchen fire, electrical fire or otherwise.

Does home insurance cover water damage?

Home insurance will typically cover your property from water damage, such as a burst pipe or a broken washing machine. Keep in mind that a standard home policy will not cover flood damage, such as from a natural disaster. In order to obtain protection, a separate flood insurance policy must be purchased.

Does homeowners insurance cover my belongings?

Your home insurance protects your belongings from damage and theft. What’s more, many policies work anywhere! That means if your laptop gets stolen in Miami or your luggage is taken by someone else in Colorado, you can turn to your homeowners insurance to help recover and replace your possessions.

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