Workers’ Compensation

You want to take care of your employees, but you can’t be everywhere at once

What happens if a member of your team gets injured or falls ill due to conditions at your workplace? Fortunately, workers’ compensation can step in to make sure your employee gets the medical benefits and income replacement he or she needs to make a complete recovery.

What’s more, workers’ compensation protects your business. First, this type of coverage is legally required in every state except Texas. That means that carrying your policy protects you against the financial repercussions of breaking the law. There’s also another financial benefit for your business: When you have workers’ compensation, you can care for your employee without ever compromising your bottom line.

To get the workers’ compensation you need to care for your employees and your finances, contact Tompkins Insurance Agencies today.

“They sit down with us.
They listen to us. And they partner with us.”

Campus Auxiliary Services at SUNY Geneseo
– Mark Scott, Executive Director