Property & Liability

At Tompkins Insurance Agencies, our goal is to protect your business with the best policies at the most competitive prices.

We offer commercial property insurance to protect your business location and your physical assets. We then pair that with general liability insurance, protecting your business against claims like property damage, advertising injury, bodily injury and more. We can top that coverage with policies tailored to your unique needs – like equipment and marine insurance or farm owner’s insurance – to ensure your business is well protected.

Our commercial property insurance will not only protect the physical structure of your business; it can also cover your inventory, equipment, technology, and even the cash you have stored at your location. This property coverage will help you repair your business after a disaster, and can also cover the loss of income in the interim with business interruption insurance.

Commercial general liability insurance will also protect you against risks of a less physical nature. If an individual or entity sues your business for something like libel, injuries, damaged property or financial loss, your liability coverage will step in. It can cover legal fees to the levied settlement.

Don’t leave your business exposed. Contact us for all of your property and liability needs.

“Whenever I’ve had an insurance issue,
they automatically step right in and take care of it. I’m worry-free.”

Charcoal Corral
– Rick Stefanon, President