NYS Paid Family Leave

In the second year of New York State’s Paid Family Leave benefit, there are several updates employers need to be aware of.

Effective 1/1/19, the following updates will occur for NYS Paid Family Leave:

  • Maximum number of weeks in a 52 week period will increase from 8 weeks to 10 weeks
  • Benefit will increase from 50% of the Average Weekly Wage (AWW) to 55%
  • AWW will increase from $1,305.92/week to $1357.11
  • Maximum weekly benefit will increase from $652.96 to $746.41
  • Payroll contribution will increase from .126% to .153%
  • Annual maximum contribution will increase from $85.56 to $107.97

Details,frequently asked questions, and employer resources can be found on the official site:

As always, if you have questions about your program with us, or about any of the employee benefits or insurance programs we offer, please reach out to your trusted Tompkins advisor.