Avoid costly insurance claims with a little home maintenance.

As a homeowner, you know that certain items demand regular attention, even in the most modern of homes. Failing to keep up with some routine maintenance tasks can lead to costly home insurance claims. In addition to making the house feel refreshed, there are a few maintenance activities you can do which will prevent some costly homeowners insurance claims. Take a moment to tackle these tasks to ensure your home is ready for fall ahead.

Check key problem areas for heat loss.

As the temperature starts to drop in fall, now is a great time to check for places where heat is escaping your home or where cold air is getting in. Examine window panes, door seals, and thresholds. Fill in any cracks and replace parts that are no longer in good shape. As well as protecting from weather-related repairs, poor heat control could cause your furnace to work overtime trying to heat the room. In addition to using more fuel, you could damage the furnace, leading to expensive repairs or replacement.

Prevent water damage.

Water damage continues to be one of the most common causes of home insurance claims. Water entering through windows, roofs, and even the sides or exterior walls of your home could cause major damage over time. Check the water backup valves, the condition of your pipes, and clean out the gutters and drains. While you’re at it, drain outdoor watering lines so that ice doesn’t form and rupture your outdoor pipes.

Tend to your yard.

Although the trees may have provided ample shade for the summer months, it’s now time to think about trimming them back for fall. If there are tree branches overhanging your property, consider having them cut back. Now is also the time to prune shrubs and get rid of dead and dying branches. You don’t want tree limbs to snap off during a storm and damage your property.

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