What an Umbrella Policy Covers

Personal umbrella insurance is a form of personal insurance, which provides coverage for both the policyholder and their immediate family members. If you have a personal umbrella policy, you may wonder if it can cover family injuries. Here’s what you should know.

Personal umbrella insurance is designed to protect you against any liability related to harm that you cause to others. Harm may include injuries that are deemed your fault. For example, you have volunteers to chaperone a trip for your child’s sports team. A child gets injured while on the trip, leading their parents to sue you for negligence. Such lawsuits are uncommon, but they can be extremely expensive. A personal umbrella policy can provide you with coverage for such potential incidents, letting you volunteer to chaperone a trip without worrying about the potential financial risks you’re assuming in doing so.


But what about injuries that happen to your family? Whether you, your child, or your spouse gets injured, you will not be able to turn to your personal umbrella policy for coverage. To insure your family against injuries they sustain, you need a good medical insurance policy – and perhaps accompanying insurance policies. Health insurance can be there for you when your family needs it the most

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