Surprise your loved one by taking them on a romantic date.

The cards are in the shops, there are red heart-shaped everything, and the pressure to have a truly romantic and wonderful Valentine’s Day is upon us all. Deciding what to do for Valentine’s Day with your loved one can be stressful. Whether you want an intimate dinner or a fun day out, here are some ideas to get you started.

Cook a meal together

Instead of going out to eat when there are only expensive set menus, choose to make your own romantic supper at home. Whip up your loved one’s favorite dish and indulge in a delicious dessert this Valentine’s Day!

Ice-skating and après ski

There’s a reason why so many couples hit the ice rink in our favorite rom-coms. Whether you’re holding onto your significant other the entire time or you’re both gliding while holding hands, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get close. Once you’ve had your fill, you can enjoy some warm hot chocolate.

Go dancing

We’re not talking about hitting a cool club; we’re talking about real dancing. You can take a class, hit a salsa club, or see live music that makes you want to groove!

Hit the hills

Take a hike with your loved one. Spend some quality time together, talking on the way up the trail and enjoying the scenery at the top. Add a bit of romance to it by packing a picnic.

A second first date

This is guaranteed to impress your significant other! With a bit of work and a good memory, choose to go back to where it all began and recreate your first date with your loved one.

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