Determine how to help your vehicle by avoiding these common causes of winter breakdowns. 

Even though snow, ice, and wet and windy conditions mean that motorists need to be extra diligent on the roads, the adverse weather also means a higher incidence of car trouble. More drivers find themselves stuck on the side of the road between the months of October and February than at any other time of the year. Winter-related breakdowns are unpredictable, costly, and can certainly put a damper on your festive spirit. So that you know what to look for in this year’s winter vehicle maintenance, check out the common causes of winter breakdowns.

Battery Issues

By far the leading cause of car trouble in winter, battery issues often don’t make themselves known until your vehicle won’t start one morning. Get your battery routinely checked and you can make this difficulty much less likely.


Blown out tires or bald tires are a serious concern in the winter. Tires are what keep the vehicle connected to the road and retaining traction is important. Keep tires filled and replace them as necessary. Also, check that your tires have enough tread to last through the winter. If the tread is wearing down, don’t risk it – replace them right away. Properly maintained tires last longer and perform much better than tires that are improperly filled or are created for different road surfaces.

Engine Trouble

The cooler temperatures can cause a lot of damage under the hood. Ensure that you have enough antifreeze in your vehicle and that your engine is in good condition. Sudden system failures can be very dangerous, especially when moving at a high speed. Don’t let a lurking systematic problem leave you broken down and shivering on the side of the road this winter.

Minor Accidents

Winter road conditions can be dangerous. Wet, slick, and icy road surfaces increase stopping distance dramatically, although many motorists forget this. Make sure that you’re prepared to drive in these conditions. Even if you know the road well, slow down and be prepared to stop at any time.

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