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When it comes to your insurance policies, you don’t want to miss a beat. Whether you need proof of insurance or to file a claim, it would be nice to have all of your information accessible. Fortunately, with the Tompkins Insurance Mobile App, you can, quite literally, have all the information at hand!

Being involved in an accident is scary enough. The good news is that you’re not alone. With the Tompkins Insurance App, all of your coverage details, as well as personal claim options are easily accessible on your smartphone.

Pulled over by police? No problem, here’s my proof of auto insurance! Flat tire? Call Roadside Assistance with a touch of a button. House suffered a fire? Well, that’s not ideal, but you can file a claim immediately with your smartphone in tow! This means that your claims get handled quickly and that your insurance coverage kicks in pronto.

The Tompkins Insurance App provides you with tools to help make managing life, and hurdles, that much easier.

Check out some of the features:

  • Guides you through the steps you’ll need to take as you document the accident and submit a claim.
  • Provides tips to help you stay calm!
  • Automatically detects the accident date, time, and location.
  • Aids you in collecting information from drivers, passengers, witnesses, etc.
  • Produces a detailed accident report with photos and contact information.
  • Tracks your submitted claims and accident reports.
  • Stores Q&As for every situation.
  • Reminds you to keep track of your home inventory.
  • Stores values, purchase dates, descriptions, and photos.
  • Generates a PDF report for all of your records.

Taking your insurance policies with you has never been easier – or smarter. Download the Tompkins Insurance App through the Apple App Store and the Android version on Google Play today! Contact Tompkins Insurance Agencies directly for help with all of your insurance needs.

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