While the temperatures plummet, keep your home warm without breaking the bank.

When the temperatures across the nation start to dip, it’s natural for homeowners to rely on the thermostat to heat their homes and stay cozy all season long. If you’re guilty of this and have received the bill for it in January, you’ll know that heating a home doesn’t come cheap.

This season, prepare your home for the cooler weather by running it efficiently. Here’s how:

Use thick curtains. Prevent cold air from entering the home through the windows by using thick curtains throughout the season. The thicker, the better, and if they have a thermal lining you’re in for a warm home. Place curtains over doors, too!

Let the light in. It’s important to use as much natural heat from the sun as possible. Even if your windows have thicker curtains, open them up each morning to let in natural light. Draw them once the sun sets so retain the sunlight’s heat.

Caulk the draft. Many drafts of cold air come in through a cat flap, letterbox, and corners. Caulk these areas to keep the warm air in and the cold air out!

Reverse your fans. During the winter, reverse your ceiling fans. While you may think that this is counter-productive, the fans push the hot air back down into the room, keeping you warm and cozy.

Add insulation to the loft. The attic and roof leech your expensive hot air while letting in lots of cold air. As one of the main culprits for heat loss, it’s essential to add extra insulation to your loft to prevent this from happening.

Change furnace filters. A dirty and clogged filter causes the appliance to run inefficiently, meaning that the hot air is more expensive. Replace your filters now before you find your appliances are lapping up energy to make up for a dirty filter.

Pull on a sweater. If you are feeling chilly, opt to put on an extra layer of clothing for warmth instead of turning up the thermostat. It’ll save you energy and money!

Now that your home is ready for the cold, take the time to review your homeowners insurance. Contact the professionals at Tompkins Insurance Agencies for help finding a homeowners insurance options to suit your needs and budget.