How to prepare your child to get ready for the school season.

It’s that time again. Early mornings, driving the kids around, and helping with homework. It may seem like it is more stressful to get back in the routine after a long summer, but there are ways to make the stress go away for good. Here are a few tips on how to ease back into the school year with no stress.

Ease the family back into a schedule.

One of the biggest adjustments is getting back on the right sleeping schedule after a summer of late nights and sleeping in. Start to ease the whole family back into a sleep schedule before the first day back at school. Doing so will help to prevent your child from being tired and miserable when returning to school.

Sort out supplies.

School supplies fill every store at this time of year. Before you jump in and buy what’s on offer, make a list of everything your child will need for the new school year. Go through his or her wardrobe and sort out their clothes, test the pens and pencils, and see if there are any new supplies they will need for the year, such as calculators or activewear.

Make a family calendar.

When school comes around everyone has a hectic schedule with sports, jobs, and other activities. It becomes really hard to keep track of what everyone is doing. To stay organized, have a family calendar where each family member can write what their schedule is for the week.

Going back to school can seem stressful with everyone’s schedule changing. We hope that these tips help you and your family get ready to go back to school. Let the professionals handle your insurance needs. Visit Tompkins Insurance Agencies for help securing insurance to suit your family and finances.