How to Avoid Sitting Down All Day

Many of us have desk jobs that involve sitting down for at least six hours of the day. It’s not news that sitting down for such a long time is bad for you, even if you exercise regularly. Sitting less can be a challenge, especially if you have a desk job, but it’s so important to your health to sit less and move more.

Standing more increases your energy, burns more calories, tones muscles, improves your posture, and increases blood flow.

Stand up while you’re on the phone. Better yet, walk around and talk!

  1. Take the stairs
  2. Hold a walking meeting
  3. Take a brisk walk after you eat lunch.
  4. Park your car further away from your destination. Don’t look for the perfect spot close to the door.
  5. Stand up or stretch while watching the TV.
  6. Consider a standing workstation.
  7. Use a small glass to drink water from so that you have to get up regularly to refill it and to use the bathroom.
  8. Don’t send emails if the recipient is in walking distance. Get up and walk over to the individual.
  9. Stand up every hour to stretch your arms, hips, and spine.

By standing up more often, you’re able to enjoy the benefits of not sitting down! For all the help you need finding personal and commercial insurance policies, visit Tompkins Insurance Agencies today.