Technology is quickly reshaping Workers’ Compensation claims.

While you can’t always keep up with every new development in technology, following the latest trends can help to protect your business. Technology can now help employers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Workers’ Compensation and Workplace safety programs. Not only does that mean that companies and their teams are better protected, but that there are improved outcomes for injured workers.

In fact, there are several areas of workers’ compensation that can benefit from the use of technology:

  • Communication – Critical information that works to prevent injuries and claim updates can be provided to employees through the use of smartphone apps.
  • Workforce Training – Training can be conducted through an employer’s intranet or via a smartphone application.
  • Delivering Care – Telenursing is a form of telemedicine, where employers can talk with nurses and doctors who can assess injuries – all from a smartphone. In some cases, first aid only is required, but the nurse can also help the employee obtain medical care when needed.
  • Managing Claims – Claims can be handled with care and accuracy through customizable email alerts, such as notifications of when prescriptions are ready.

It’s not just the use of cellphones that can help employers monitor their workers’ compensation risks. Wearable technology, such as a smart watch, can track employee movements and alert co-workers of danger. Better yet, such devices can track the individual’s fatigue, body temperature, and repetitive motion. The information can then be used in training, fraud prevention, and wellness problems.

Employers can also implement new technology that allows employees to report incidents and injuries. Through a mobile app, an employee can report an accident, which allows the company to navigate the Workers’ Comp process better. Check out our mobile app on our resources page, or just select below:




It is safe to safe that technology is on the rise with the hope that workers’ compensation claims will decline. For help fitting a policy to suit your business’s needs, visit Tompkins Insurance Agencies today.