The news, newspapers, and social media outlets – everyone is talking about COVID-19. At times, it can feel as if we cannot get away from it. It is no surprise that Americans name the news as a significant source of stress, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association. Being exposed to negative news on a regular basis can make us more anxious and worried about the future.


Here are our best tips for staying engaged without harming your mental health during this time:


  • Do not check the news immediately. Remember that it can take journalists a while to get all the facts straight, so it is best to wait a bit before analyzing a report.
  • Make an effort to consume news from more positive media channels.
  • Only consume information from reliable sources, such as WHO or CDC websites.
  • Avoid overkill. Dedicate a couple of minutes at the beginning or end of each day to catch up on the highlights and then turn off the news.
  • Write out a worry list that can help you organize your thoughts and concerns. Getting these anxieties out of your head and onto paper allows you to de-stress.
  • Focus on what you can solve. Contribute to the community, wash your hands often, and keep in touch with others to help you feel like you are making a change.


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