Spring forward and prepare your home for the season ahead.

The milder days of spring offer the perfect opportunity to do a thorough spring cleaning and to perform simple home maintenance. After a long winter, it’s a good idea to blow away the cobwebs and welcome spring in with light and color. So that your home is ready for the season ahead, check out these easy home maintenance tasks.

Inspect the Roof

Especially after winter storms, it’s important to check the condition of the roof – whether it’s concrete, brick or shingles. As this is the first line of defense against any water damage, have the roof inspected before the spring showers arrive.

Clean the Gutters

Your home’s gutters may be full of twigs, dirt, leaves and debris from the winter. If the gutters are clogged, this could spell a flood disaster for your home. Take the time to clean out the gutters and ensure that the downspouts are directing water from the home’s foundation.

Review the HVAC Systems

After a chilly winter, now is the time to ensure that your heating and cooling home systems are in good working condition. You might consider hiring a professional to inspect the systems for damage and ensure they are in good working order.

Spring Clean

Spring is the time for home cleaning! Clear out the fridge, mop the floors, shine the windows, dust and vacuum around the house, and don’t forget about those tough or hard to reach spots. Move kitchen appliances away from the wall and scrub those tough-to-remove stains that are left over from last year.

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