Understand how to better protect yourself as a renter


As a renter, it may seem like you have little control over the property in which you live. However, every state has laws to protect renters throughout a variety of situations. What’s more, there are easy actions that allow you to better protect yourself and belongings.


Your landlord must keep the property in good condition.

Make sure you know where your responsibilities lie with the property. Generally, maintenance and disasters will be covered by the landlord. If a pipe bursts, if the shower stops working or if a tree falls in the front yard, your landlord is obligated to fix the problem. If you do require assistance from your landlord, be sure to document any and all communication (when you called, what was discussed, etc.).


Read over your contract.

The guidelines of your lease will cover whether you can have pets, smoke on the premises, and even if you can put things on the wall. It may also include some responsibility for upkeep, such as yard maintenance and mold prevention. Fail to keep on top of these things and you risk breaching your contract.


Renters insurance can help.

If a disaster happens, for example, a fire tears through the building, know that landlord insurance will cover the property itself but not your belongings. Or if anything of yours gets stolen, your landlord is not obligated to replace it. Renters insurance is there to safeguard your possessions and pocket when the worst happens.


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