Improve Business Health and Culture

These days, almost every business implements a workplace wellness program. Smart business owners know that it is all about the employees, from product quality to customer relations. Their talents collectively influence how others experience and perceive your brand. In short, they make your business unique. This is why their health and wellness matter. Fostering a healthy work environment can improve employee productivity, reduce employer healthcare costs, and boost morale in the workplace.

Hold walking meetings – Get your employees on their feet for the next group meeting. Outside or inside, a couple of laps around the block or office help to get your employees moving and may even spark some new creative ideas.

Fresh fruit Fridays – A gesture as small as providing fresh fruit once a week is a simple but effective way to show employees that their health is important to the company.

Provide water stations – The health benefits of water are plenty – but are you providing any water? Promote this valuable resource by providing fresh, clean water along with reusable cups in the staff room.

Hold team challenges – Find new ways to get your team active! Divide them into groups and ask each employee to track their steps for the week. Whichever team has the most combined steps receives a prize.

Order healthy catered meals – Instead of opting for pizza or Chinese takeout once a month with the team, opt for a healthy lunch. Bring in fruit and vegetable platters, sandwiches, or healthy fare from a local catering company.

Offer flexible scheduling – Offer working hour flexibility to allow employees to pursue physical activity opportunities. This could be one of the more important steps your business takes to preventing employee burnout.

Be a leader in wellness – Take advantage of the fresh fruit and walking competition yourself! Without saying a word, you can promote wellness in your office – simply lead by example!

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