Now is the time to find ways to protect your home better.

June is a month dedicated to safety. From driving safely on the roads to taking extra precautions as a homeowner, now is the time to improve your safety habits. It can only help in the long run, after all. Unfortunately, your home may have present dangers that you are unaware of. Take this month to ensure that you have secured your home.

Move the Key

Never ‘hide’ your key on your front porch. You’re not fooling anyone by putting your key underneath that plant pot. It’s as good as handing a thief a key to your home! Only leave your spare house key with a friend, relative, or neighbor that you trust!

Turn It On

If you’re out for the day or week, set the lights to turn on automatically. From the street, if the lights are on, it seems like someone is home to turn them on.

Lock It Up

Check (and double check) that you locked all doors and windows before leaving the house. Walk around the perimeter of your home before you leave to ensure that there are no windows that are open and all back doors are locked and secure.

Get Rid of Good Hiding Spots

Thick shrubs near the windows and overgrown hedges might give you privacy from neighbors, but they also provide convenient spots for burglars to spy on you and learn the layout of the house. Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed so that there is no room for a person to duck or hide out of sight.

Use Top Tech

A smart home automation system makes your life more comfortable, but also provides the security you need, deters burglars, and helps you monitor your home remotely. Smart locks, motion detectors, and surveillance cameras can be incorporated into your home’s security.

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