Enjoy life a bit more with these tips!

Are you stuck in a work-eat-sleep-repeat rut? At this point, a 2-week vacation is the best remedy, complete with lying a sun lounger and fun excursions. For us mere mortals that are not financially able to take a vacation last minute, there are easy switches that you can do to your daily routine which can feel like a holiday.

Scrap your nightly routine and start to incorporate these 4 ways how to live and work like you’re on vacation:

  • Change your commute
    The best part of vacationing is seeing new cities, landscapes, and people. Taking in new information about our environment forces us to become more aware! Instead of driving to work, take public transport. If you take the train, consider riding your bike. The change in your commute doesn’t have huge, but it will have a huge payoff!
  • Take better breaks
    Although the mental distance is easier on vacation (out of sight, out of mind), you have to actively step away from your work, desk, and constrict your mentality. Start to take breaks in a natural, outdoor setting and always leave your phone behind. If you bring your phone with you, you’ll be tempted to check it for the time, emails, or other distractions.
  • When your to-do list is finished, stop!
    A novel idea, right? We get so engrossed by productivity that it can be hard to switch off, to the point where we make up meaningless tasks just so we can keep working. Write out the essentials of what you need to do (no time-wasters in there!) and stick to it. Once you’ve checked everything off, count that as your time to relax.
  • Plan free time
    A vacation didn’t just magically happen – you planned it. In your day-to-day life, carve out time to see a concert, meet a friend, or plan to visit a new restaurant. If you’re not sure what to do each week, just schedule a time that can be filled with spontaneous events!

While you may not be working on your tan or snorkeling with stingrays, your day-to-day life can start to feel more vacation with simple switches of perspective.

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