Ways to be More Organized Every Day

The new year is finally here, and many people have already started their new year’s resolutions. While many goals are to lose weight and save money, most people, in some form or another, want to get more organized in their daily life. Being organized is a great way to save money and reach success! Since January is Get Organized Month, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to get organized every day!

Leave your keys and phone in the same spot

Are you that person that rushes around right before they need to leave the house looking for the car keys? If so, this tip will undoubtedly help! Leave your keys, phone, iPod, etc. in the same place every single time you walk through the door of your home. Have a spot in your entryway for these items so that you always know where they are and aren’t wondering where your keys or phone are hiding.

Create a task list

There’s something to be said for lists. Whether or not you’re a list person, jotting down notes of to-dos and reminders can go a long way in streamlining your time. At the very least, aim to write down the big projects of what you have to do. Look at it every day and cross off what you’ve completed

Declutter your wallet

Organizing your wallet is one of the best organizing projects to instill as a daily organizational habit. Sort through your receipts and cards when you have some downtime. Shred anything you don’t need and file the recipes you do need away safely.

Lay Out Your Clothing for the Next Day

Once you get in the bait of prepping things before you need them, you’ll never go back. Lay out your clothing before the night before, prep and organize your ingredients before you start cooking, and get your supplies ready before you start on a household DIY project. This simple preparation task makes any task that much easier!

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