Get the most out of your miles with these fuel efficiency tips!

Whether you’re concerned about the price of gas or want to minimize the impact of your driving on the environment, you don’t have to trade your car in for a hybrid! Simply adjusting your driving habits is more than enough to cut down your frequent stops at the gas station, saving plenty of fuel!

If you want to stop forking out the big bucks to fill up your tank, check out these tips to save on fuel!

  1. Check your tire pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tires add more resistance, causing the engine to work harder, therefore using more fuel.
  2. Use cruise control. Staying at a constant, optimum speed could save you up to 6 percent of fuel consumption on the highway.
  3. Slow down. While you may get to work quicker by speeding at 70 mph, you’ll save more fuel if you drive at the pleasant 55 mph!
  4. Change the air filter as often as it states in your driver’s manual, more so if you drive in dusty conditions.
  5. Ease up on braking. If you hard brake, you’ll want to try slowing down earlier as this can save more fuel.
  6. Turn it off. If you’re waiting to pick someone up or waiting at a train crossing, turn off your engine. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, it can make a difference in your fuel economy.
  7. Stay cool. Driving at low speeds? Roll down the windows. Once you speed up, shut the windows and turn on your air conditioner.

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