Simple ways to turn your employee’s frown upside down.

Imagine a job where your work isn’t appreciated; your effort goes unpraised and there is no job stability. It doesn’t exactly sound like a great place to work, does it?

Your employees are far more likely to stay with your company if they’re happy, satisfied and appreciated. In turn, recognizing employees for their hard work is vital to maintaining morale and boosting productivity. If you want to make the most out of your team, you should start to recognize your employees!

Putting some thought into employee gratitude is well worth the effort. Here are some tips to get you started:

Be earnest. There is no better way to inspire employees than by offering your genuine gratitude for their efforts and work. Note that your attempts at employee recognition will fail if an employee doesn’t consider your communication heartfelt. Whether you thank an individual employee for staying late to make a deadline or a team for landing a client, ensure that you are honest about appreciation.

Be flexible. If it will work for your business, consider allowing trusted employees to work more flexible schedules that better coincide with their personal schedule. Flextime and telecommuting can be among the best employee benefits with the lowest cost for employers.

Recognize achievers. One of the best ways to recognize employees is to spread the word about individuals and team accomplishments. Giving credit where credit is due will help to communicate to your staff that you appreciate them.

Challenge them. Every job comes with less-than-glamorous responsibilities. When you dole out repetitive tasks, you’re conveying that you don’t really need the individual’s specific talents. When you assign an employee a challenging task, you put your trust in him or her to see it through. In turn, your employees feel valuable.

While you value your employees and promote health and happiness in the workplace, know that your business is on the way to success!

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