Keep your valuable gifts safe this season.  

The season of gift-giving brings us many valuable, new treasures. Whether you received jewelry from a partner, a brand new vehicle, or a high-end TV for the family, you may have received many new presents under the tree. Because you’ve spent so much time picking the right present for your loved one, it’s well worth taking the time to make sure it is adequately protected. Luckily, your insurance policies can help.

Dig out your homeowners insurance and scan through the policy. Personal property under your basic homeowners insurance coverage may only include belongings up to a certain value. If this is the case, you may need additional coverage for expensive items such as a watch, jewelry, high-end cameras, collectibles, and other items of value. It’s a good idea to maintain any receipts that you may have from purchasing holiday items. This enables you and your insurer to note the worth of your new items.

Within a home insurance policy, there is Replacement Cost coverage which means that you never have to face a significant loss of your item. The policy can also cover belongings that are destroyed from fires, vandalism, water damage, or that have been stolen anywhere in the world. Talk with your insurance agent about what your policy does and does not cover so that you know where to fill in the gaps.

Talk to a trusted insurance professional to obtain the right coverage best for you and your new items. The team at Tompkins Insurance Agencies can help in finding you the right home insurance coverage to protect your belongings. Contact us today to get started.