Implementing good go green ideas can benefit your business and the environment! Win-win!

More and more businesses are going green by selecting eco-friendly options in their daily operations. Not only does this lower outgoing bills and boost sales, but it also benefits the environment. By incorporating eco-friendly practices into your businesses, you’re helping the bottom line as well as the planet!

Here are the top ways in which your small business can go green:

Know How Much You Use
Companies need to realize how “ungreen” they are before they can begin to be 
more greenChecking your energy’s consumption and water usage is useful so that you can reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Switch Your Paper
Fill your office with post-consumer waste paper options. This paper is made entirely from the paper put in recycling bins and uses less energy and creates less waste during the papermaking process. Speaking of recycling…

Waste Not, Want Not
Recycle everything! Provide bins for paper, plastic, and cans so that your employees can recycle their waste easily. Don’t forget about e-waste: your old printers and computers can be recycled at your local recycling center.

Shut Down Computers
Research has shown that simply putting your computer to sleep can save $10 – $50 per computer each year. Encourage employees to make sure their computers are “sleeping” when not in use.

Replace Your Lights
While there is often a higher price tag on your compact florescent or LED light selections, it is worth it! They not only last longer than standard bulbs, but use less energy as well. This is a smart financial decision and it phases out the wasteful incandescent bulbs.

Use Green Cleaning Products
Your office kitchen should use natural hand and dish soap, and you can switch out paper napkins for cloth towels.

Encourage Green Transportation
Have employees spend at least one day participating in more eco-friendly transportation options such as biking or walking.

Turning your business green is an important step to minimizing your effect on the environment! To focus on making your business greener, secure your insurance policies by contacting Tompkins Insurance Agencies today!