Here’s how to promote health and happiness in your workplace.

Employees’ health and wellbeing have become a staple in many corporations as a way to attract top talent, keep employees happy, and increase productivity! The key to corporate happiness is to encourage healthy living while keeping your place of work fun! If you can’t get your team engaged, then your wellness program ideas quickly lose steam and soon become null and void.

Many companies struggle to keep health coverage affordable due to employees’ poor health habits. By promoting healthy habits to your employees, not only will the individuals feel the benefit, but it will also be a smart way to save your company money and boost productivity!

Lead by Example

Managers should practice healthy habits at work if they expect employees to follow suit. You can hold “walking meetings” or attend weight-management courses as a way to introduce the idea of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Small Changes Make Big Differences

Exchanging junk food and soda for granola bars and bottled water in the employee kitchen gives your team the energy that they need for the day. You can offer incentives for joining a “quit smoking” program, or sign your managers up for a local walk or run. To tackle the risk of chronic diseases, the habits of physical activity, healthy eating, and tobacco intake should be improved.

Acknowledge Achievers

Identify the employees who have lost weight, quit smoking, or have a natural passion for health to congratulate them on their progress. They can gather employee feedback about the healthy programs, create new health-related ideas for the company, and enhance the wellness of the team.

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