Is your business attractive to the up-and-coming generation?

Millennials, a.k.a. Generation Y, are now the nation’s largest living generation by population. They’re the young professionals of today and it’s no secret that they’re shaping the way we do business. They are the generation that has grown up solidly with technology and are accustomed to using it to their advantage.

As with each generation through the ages, characteristics and expectations evolve. Millennials are no different, which is why it’s important for employers to know more about this group and, most importantly, how to recruit them! An attractive benefits package certainly helps to do just that.

Typically, Millennials are looking for these benefits: 

Paid time off without limitations– As the line between professional and personal time is becoming increasingly blurred, giving employees more freedom over their time off can be an appealing option.

Option to work remotely – Millennials are the generation that want to run errands, work, exercise, and do more in just one day. With the ability to work remotely, it allows them to complete work where and when they want.

Flexible working hours – Along with the telecommuting option, today’s employees want to have a flexible work day without scheduled work hours. This offers them the freedom that they’re looking for.

Wellness Plans – Now, most mid-sized to large employers are offering some kind of investment in wellness initiatives. Employees are looking for more than just a gym membership, but stress management plans, yoga classes, and mental health support.

Bring your businesses up to date with the ever-changing workforce by offering plans designed to suit Millennials. Contact the professionals at Tompkins Insurance Agencies to help with a comprehensive employee benefits program that suits your business, budget, and employees!