Data breach prevention tips.

Today, almost all businesses collect and store personal information about customers, employees, vendors, and others online. Digitally storing this information means that it can be analyzed easier, stored safely, and accessed anywhere. However, businesses who store such sensitive information digitally are often targeted by hackers. The frequency of data breaches – the theft, loss, or mistaken release of information – is on the rise. It’s not just large companies that are at risk, either. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable because of fewer data security resources.

Here are some tips on how to keep your business’s information safe from data breaches.

Know your vulnerabilities. Don’t assume that because your business is small that it is free from risk. Every business can suffer the effects of a data breach. Additionally, every website has its weaknesses. Identify where your online site can let you down, and then you will be better prepared to secure your site.

Keep software up to date. Cybersecurity is a constant arms race between security systems and hackers. Be sure that your security software is always up to date so that you have the most recent programming. Remember to update your software, hardware, operating systems, applications, and antiviral systems.

Encrypt data. Personal data should at least be encrypted, including on work laptops issued to staff. Instead of using backup tapes that can be lost or stolen, data can be backed up to remote services using the Internet.

Train staff. Ensure that your team gets training on how to follow safe digital practices on how to avoid mistakes that could lead to breaches and how to spot one if necessary. Awareness of sensitive data and security should be a part of a company’s culture.

Don’t forget about paper. It can be easy to forget about old-fashioned data breaches when you are so busy thinking about cybersecurity. Don’t forget that paper files are just as vulnerable. Keep important documents under lock and key, and shred any documents that you may no longer need.

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