The NYS Department of Financial Services notified financial institutions, including insurance agencies like ours, that across the country, there is currently a heightened risk of cyber attacks from hackers affiliated with foreign countries. We are taking this opportunity to remind our valued business clients to heighten your vigilance against cyber attacks. Tompkins Insurance is here to help you in your efforts be alert to, and protect your business from, a possible cyber incident.

All day, every day, businesses across the US become targets of cyber attacks. This can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of expense to the company for forensic assistance, attorney fees, credit monitoring costs, customer notification costs and more. Added to that, the expense of system damage and resulting business interruption can be monumental and devastating. We provide cyber policy coverage for these type of incident-related costs. We also have insurance carriers that can provide risk management services to evaluate your business when you place a policy.

Our insurance professionals are ready to discuss your business and your risks, and then provide appropriate protection options to get you covered quickly. If you do not already have a cyber policy that protects from threats like ransomware attacks and funds transfer fraud attacks, we urge you to consider talking with your trusted Tompkins advisor today.