Protecting your business from online threats.

In this ever-present digital world, almost every business works online. Whether they just use it to store data, promote their business on social media, or run an entire e-store, chances are that businesses are more online than ever before. With this rise of technology comes the risk of cybercrime. Although we’re quite savvy in 2018 and generally know how to be safe online, there are still serious risks that come with using tech in a business. To help safeguard your business, here are some things you should know:

Attacks are on the rise

The threat posed by cyber-criminals is constantly shifting, and they often seem to be one step ahead. Digital crime is on the rise, particularly on smartphones and tablets. Smaller companies aren’t immune to risk either. More hackers are discovering that smaller businesses store just as much valuable information as medium-sized businesses, and often don’t have the security defenses or recovery resources in place.

Businesses face financial and reputation disruption

Businesses of all sizes can suffer huge financial losses from theft of data and financial information, especially if they are reliant on online trade. Recovery can take several days or even a few weeks, putting businesses well behind. What’s more, business owners shouldn’t just be concerned with their financial losses. Once word gets out to employees, customers, and vendors, they could see contracts being declined and cancelled as people turn to a more secure competitor.

Businesses can protect themselves

Around 80 percent of cyber breaches can be prevented by putting security basics into practice. Teaching employees how to spot cyber risks, changing passwords often, using antivirus software, and keeping software up to date goes a long way in preventing crimes in the first place.

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