Fast facts about breast cancer.  

Although you may associate October with all things orange, from pumpkins to fallen leaves, pink is another important color to remember this month. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This campaign is an opportunity to bring attention to the importance of early detection and provide support to those with the disease. Take a look at these facts about breast cancer that you can share on social media, tell friends and family, and learn more about the cancer.

Most breast cancers are not hereditary. Most incidents of breast cancer develop because of lifestyle or environmental factors alone, with no connection to a family history of cancer. This might sound scary, but it means you have more control over your personal risk factors by leading a healthy life.

Breast cancer screens are safe while breastfeeding. Although instances of breast cancer developing while a woman is nursing are low, there is a possibility. Moms who are breastfeeding should know that mammograms and biopsies are safe and they have no effect on their breast milk.

There are certain foods you can avoid to lower your risk of the disease. Studies have found that women who have a high intake of cow’s milk have higher rates of cancer. Researchers say that this could be due to the estrogen in the cow’s milk. Many types of breast cancer have estrogen receptors and are fueled by the estrogen hormone. As a result, cut down your risk by cutting out or down on dairy products.

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