Auto & Fleet

If your business owns, rents, leases or borrows vehicles for its purposes, you need to consider your insurance.

Each time you or one of your employees get behind the wheel of a vehicle, your business is exposed to financial loss due to that driver’s liability. Fortunately, commercial auto insurance can protect you against any damages to your own vehicle, damages you cause to other vehicles or property, and even injuries you cause.

If you have five or more commercial vehicles, we can help you protect them with fleet insurance. With this coverage, you’ll pay less than you would insuring each vehicle individually, while getting more freedom. With fleet insurance, any licensed driver in your company can drive any vehicle in your fleet.

If you’d like more information about using commercial auto or fleet insurance to protect your business, contact Tompkins Insurance Agencies today.

“We had worked with Tompkins Insurance Agencies for our insurance needs for several years,
and we are very happy with that relationship.

James M. Suneser, Ed. D.
– President