Wellness Programs

You know that your employees would benefit from a workplace wellness program, but have you considered how it would serve your business?

Statistically speaking, healthy workplaces have more satisfied and productive employees who use fewer sick days and stay at their jobs longer. How, then, do you create a wellness program that will help your employees become their healthiest selves while supporting your overall business?

At Tompkins Insurance, we have a great deal of experience to share. We can help you save time, money, and even lives by coordinating the right wellness program for your specific workplace. We can help you offer nutrition education, ergo stretching, coaching, team building, program tracking and more, all designed to best support you and your team.

Our goal is to help you create the happiest, healthiest workplace with a program that fits your company culture and your budget. Contact our team to learn what a wellness program could do for you.

“We operate in an extremely competitive environment.
So we’re always looking for ways we can make ourselves more competitive.”

Albright College
– Dr. Lex McMillan, President