How to get the most out of your fuel tank.

Whether it’s for the planet or for your wallet, there are many reasons to reduce your fuel consumption. Additionally, the rising cost of fuel is encouraging us to look for ways on how to get more out of our tank. To help make your fuel go further, save money at the pump, and better the environment, check out these tips!

Check Tire Pressure

If your tire pressure is too low, then you create more friction on the road and use more fuel. You’ll also wear out your tires quicker, and it will adversely affect your braking performance. Be sure to check and top up your tires often (when the tires are cool) so that you get the most out of your fuel and tires!

Ease Up on the Gas

Abrupt acceleration can burn a lot of unnecessary fuel. The more and harder you accelerate, the quicker you can burn fuel. A trick is to minimize this is to not accelerate quickly. Also, avoid braking harshly as this will eat up more fuel, too. These simple adjustments could reduce your fuel consumption significantly.

Eliminate Excess Weight

Every ounce of ‘stuff’ that you carry around in your car is costing you fuel and money. Be sure to keep your emergency car kit and spare tire in your vehicle, but work on getting rid of the rest. You don’t need four umbrellas and two deck chairs just in case!

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