Avoid overlooking these common commercial risks.


All it takes is one unexpected disaster to potentially knock a business down and force its doors to close. The first step in protecting your business is understanding your risks. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a few of the most overlooked risks that businesses face today.


Property Protection

Property is often a small business owner’s largest asset, which is why it is so vital to evaluate potential threats and develop a plan to manage them. Whether you operate from an office, store stock in a warehouse or rent a retail space, you need property insurance to safeguard your property, from equipment to inventory.


Business Interruption

If a fire causes your business location to be temporarily unusable, what would you do? Ideally, you would move to a temporary location while your permanent place is being repaired, but could you afford this? Your property insurance might not cover the move or loss of income. For some small businesses, the financial pressure could be too much to handle. By selecting the appropriate business interruption insurance, you would get a helping hand in facing these costs so that you can operate from a temporary location without skipping a beat.


Cyber/Digital Risks

Small businesses often lack a formal IT department and can miss out on some of the fundamental security measures when handling digital data. As hackers get smarter, it’s worth taking steps to prevent data loss and important information from falling into the wrong hands. Cyber liability insurance can help when your business faces a breach so that you might not have to worry about recovery costs.


Every business, no matter what size, can benefit from business insurance – get started on yours today! For the right commercial insurance policy contact Tompkins Insurance Agencies. We can help you find reliable coverage that works for your company.