How to optimize learning during summer break.

Summer break is an important time for children to bond with family and friends, participate in enriching outdoor activities, and enjoy a break from school. Summer’s free time means that children should take advantage of all the season has to offer without taking a break from learning. Summer activities can help to keep the child’s brain in gear throughout the break and will ease the back-to-school transition when the time comes. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Explore a national park, museum, or historic site

Parks, museums, and historic sites provide opportunities to bring learning to life for children. Many historic sites stage re-enactments of battles or demonstrations of life during that time period. While walking through nature, ask your child to identify trees, plants, and wildlife. You can even nurture their navigation skills by making a scavenger hunt for your outing.

Read every day

Studies show that reading daily during summer break is the most important activity families can do to prevent learning loss. Take your kids to the local library and borrow books to read over the break. Allow your child to pick up a couple of new and fun books that they will enjoy reading. Even 30 minutes of reading each day will support children’s success and ensure they start the new school year on track.

Go to a cultural festival

Many communities host cultural festivals during the summer months, which are great occasions for children to learn about different cultures. Encourage your child to sample authentic food, listen to storytellers, and learn about traditions of cultures. After the festival, reflect on the experience with your child.

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