With companies switching to remote work and millions told to practice social distancing, technology and social media have become wonderful resources for people across the globe to stay connected in some way. Throughout the pandemic, many of us have found it hard to be away from friends, family, and loved ones. However, there are many ways to maintain and continue to grow connections during the time of COVID-19.



Facebook can be very useful for connecting with friends and family during this time. Using it as you normally do will keep your loved ones up to date with what is going on with you and your family at the time. Now is also a good time to utilize Facebook groups. There are many groups out there offering to support for moms, working parents, as well as pages for every kind of hobby.



Like Facebook, Instagram is a great way to show pictures and videos of everyday life with your loved ones. There are also options for messaging on the app and video calling. Another fun way to use Instagram during this time is to create a fun hashtag for your friends and family to use when they post pictures. This way, you can see what they are up to when you search for the hashtag.



If you’re missing your friends and family or simply need to chat to a colleague who is working from home, Zoom is a great option. It’s a platform available for video chatting with others – whether you’re prepping dinner, hosting a quiz, or catching up with them over coffee. It is an easy and cost-effective way to stay connected.


We hope that you find waysto stay social while social distancing. The team at Tompkins Insurance Agencies are here to help. When looking to secure reliable insurance coverages, talk to the team. Our professionals are working hard and safely through the pandemic to help clients secure personal insurance policies.