Treat your children, friends and family to healthy snacks this Halloween.

Candy, chocolate and sugar – there’s plenty of each around Halloween time. The real fright is looking at the amount of sugar, saturated fat and chemicals in common trick-or-treat snacks. While you may think that being healthy over Halloween is impossible and illogical, there are plenty of healthy Halloween treats that won’t send your child running to the dentist.

This Halloween, stock up the kitchen with fruits and veggies that will benefit your children and their friends instead of increasing their risk of certain health problems. These treats are easier to prepare than you may think and are all around better for your child’s health and wellbeing!

  • Strawberry Ghosts: Cover strawberries in white chocolate and add mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth so that they’re ready for spooky snacking!
  • FrankenKiwis: Partially-peeled kiwis, brown sprinkles, and decorative icing make for a monster munch.
  • Snack-o’-Lantern Fruit Cups: Carve out an orange instead of a pumpkin this year for a perfect fruit salad container. Got leftover orange? Whiz it up for a healthy orange juice drink!
  • Pomegranate Terror: Slice up pomegranate to emulate (delicious) blood and guts.
  • Boo-Nana Pops: Freeze bananas, and then cut in half. Add milk chocolate chips placed as eyes make for a ghostly banana delight! Spooky, right?
  • Mini Pumpkins: Peel small oranges, and place a small slice of celery on top to resemble the beloved, seasonal pumpkin. Cute and healthy!

With minimal preparation time and some creativity, you could be serving up festive fancies! While you never thought that Halloween treats could be delicious and healthy, we hope that these delights left sugar-filled sweets in the dust!

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