Is junk piling up around you? Here’s why you should declutter your home.

All of us know that a home is a space for you to decorate and call your own. However, if your place is more clutter than chic, it’s time to reassess your belongings and clear out what’s not needed. Going through your belongings yearly is not only useful to update your home’s inventory, but it keeps you from piling up too much junk and hanging onto things you don’t need.

From not knowing where things are to having piles of stuff in the corners, living around clutter can add to anyone’s stress levels. To minimize the risk of stress, be sure to go through your home, update the inventory, and declutter!

Let it go. When you’re organizing your belongings, you may realize that you hold onto more items that you think necessary. Do you really need that book or those pair of shoes you’ve never worn? Hold each item in your hands and, if it doesn’t bring you joy, donate it.

Add green plants and fresh flowers. Living plants add fresh oxygen while removing toxins from the fresh air. Adding fresh, living plants into our home is of particular importance in autumn as we open our windows less often. Beyond plants’ air-purifying effect, the act of tending to live plants or arranging flowers is a healthy way to let go of stress.

Get rid of duplicates. If you have one, surely you don’t need two? Unless it’s a set, get rid of duplicates that you’re holding onto ‘just in case.’

Get creative in storage. Buy clear, plastic tubs for you to store items. Organize these into different categories so that you can have a clear view of what is filling your hallway closet! If you have two containers full of wrapping paper, it could be time to condense your collection.

While you update your home inventory and declutter, review your homeowners insurance! Contact the professionals at Tompkins Insurance Agencies for help finding a homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs and budget!